SER revises menu & catering services tariff of Duronto Express trains

18 Oct 2013

As per the current Railway board directives, South Eastern Railway has revised the catering charges of Duronto Express trains run by it with effect from  October 17. These trains are 12245/46 Howrah - Yeswantpur Duronto Express, 12222/21 Howrah – Pune Duronto Express, 12262/61 Howrah – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai (CSTM) Duronto Express and 12847/48 Howrah – Digha Duronto Express.

The hike was considered necessary because the cost of raw materials used for catering has increased many times since 1999. The salient features of the new catering menu and tariff are introduction of cyclic menus for ensuring variety of items in the meals and snacks. Seasonal variations in the cyclic menu will be undertaken once in every three months so as to include seasonal varieties of vegetables and fruits. A Combo Meal concept has been introduced in train journeys where the 2nd regular (major) meal of the day is involved. The Combo Meal will include two major items which will take care of the entire meal. However, if the same journey involves a 3rd meal, then it will become a regular meal.

With the revision in the cost and rationalisation of menu, there will be an appreciable improvement in the quality of food, packaging and presentation. Despite the revision, passengers traveling on First AC compartments of three trains will actually have to pay less catering charges from now on. For passengers of Howrah-Yeshwantpur Duronto, the charge has been reduced from Rs 551 to Rs 515. For Howrah-Pune Duronto, it is now Rs 460, instead of previous tariff of Rs 485.