SER’s initiatives for upkeep of Santragachi Jheel

15 Jan 2018

South Eastern Railways (SER) is concerned about the upkeep of the Santragachi Railway Jheel, so that it continues to attract migratory water birds during the winter season. This water body of about 12.75 acres located in the south-western side of the Santragachi Railway Station, is one of the last remaining wetlands within the Kolkata Metropolitan area which still attracts good number of migratory ducks including Lesser Whistling Duck, Northern Pintail, Gadwall, Garganey, Common Teal, Northern Shoveler, Ferruginous Duck etc.
Prakriti Samsad, a well known organization of nature lovers in Kolkata is maintaining a record of the different species of water birds seen in this Jheel and their approximate total count for more than 20 years. It is also conducting a migratory bird watch programme for students and general public to raise the awareness about this natural wonder. This year the event was held on 13th and 14th of January with active involvement & participation of the S.E. Railways for the first time.
This year 14 different species has been observed and the total population is found to be about 800. Out of these most common is the lesser whistling duck, counted about 700.
S.E. Railway has engaged experts to carry out proper scientific study of the Jheel and to give recommendation to improve the habitat so that the Santragachi Jheel becomes once again a true refuge for these wonderful winter visitors. (EOIC)