SER tops in all India rating

23 Feb 2017

South Eastern Railway, all along does play a vital role in revenue generation of Indian Railways. This Railway, is called as the ‘Blue Chip’ of Indian Railways satisfying the customers’ desires in terms of freight and passenger carrying.
In the recent Zonal Railway rating, conducted by Ministry of Railways, from April to December’16 of the current fiscal, South Eastern Railway has occupied top most position amongst 16 Zonal Railways. The rating has been made with critical scrutiny and comparative study of a set of 17 key performance Indicators (KPIs] such as operational and financial performance measured by freight loading and passenger traffic along with other important indicators. In considering all respects and diligent performance of team SER, this railway has obtained 75.48 per cent marks surmounting other 16 Zonal Railways and bagged top most position.
South Eastern Railway during the first ten months i.e. April to January of the current financial year (2016-17) has loaded 122.26 million tonnes of freight as against 109.77 million tonnes loaded during the corresponding period of last year, registering a growth of 11.38 %. South Eastern Railway has also surpassed Railway Board’s freight loading target for the first ten months of 2016-17 by loading 4.07 % more than the target. Not only that, South Eastern Railway has done remarkably well in passenger sector too. (EOIC)