Sourav launches cricket school, to tap talents across state

Report by: 
Debanjan Mukherjee
14 Dec 2016

Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly today set the ball rolling for his new ventures-Sourav Ganguly Foundation and Sourav Ganguly Cricket School, which will aim at spreading cricket in all corners of West Bengal.

Inaugurating the Sourav Ganguly Foundation at a city hotel today, Sourav said: "The aim of this foundation will be to spread cricket across the state and tapping talents which, if given opportunity, can shine in future". Emphasising on the need of setting up infrastructure for cricket in schools, the former Indian captain said: "Today's Virat Kohli or Sachin Tendulkar have become icons because they have played plenty of cricket in their school days. Since children spend a major portion of the day in school it is important that they play more cricket there and that is why we have decided to hunt for talents through schools in all districts and even the remotest corners of the state. Members of the foundation will explore talents in different schools from where we will pick promising cricketers".

Sourav also said that his foundation will ensure that talents of students, who are financially weak, do not get wasted. "We will identify such financially challenged kids", he said. To ensure that the students get the best guidance, Sourav Ganguly Foundation will also appoint 100-150 cricket coaches who will work with the schools who opt for partnering with the foundation. Another key feature of the foundation and Sourav Ganguly Cricket School will be the Pitch Vision Technology, making use of which budding cricketers will be able to record videos of their practice session and then upload it on the Pitch Vision platform, which their coaches could see even if they are not around. Appreciating the technology, Sourav said this will enable me to pass my knowledge to the students since I would have access to all the data that Pitch Vision will records and analyse.

A few educational institutes like G D Goenka Public School, Narayana Group School, Oriental Public School, Jyotirmoy Public School and Hemshila Model School have already partnered with the Sourav Ganguly Foundation. However, the former Indian skipper declined to comment on the expense that students will have to bear for getting admission in his foundation but said it will be at least a five-year course, since "nobody learns everything in one day".