Spencer’s unveils fish festival

13 Apr 2018

To welcome the Bengali Nabo Borsho and celebrate BS 1425, Spencer’s Retail today unveiled in Kolkata a display and sale of an unprecedented varieties of fish at its South City outlet.
A Spencer’s spokesman told newsmen that this is the first time in recent memory when more than 75 varieties of fish will be available under one roof in Kolkata.  For the convenience of fish-lovers, the 75 items of fish will be simultaneously available at 13 major Spencer’s outlets in the city.
The ‘Matsyo Maha Sammelan’, launched today is an attempt on the part of Spencer’s to delight Kolkata’s fish-lovers, when consumers will have the option to choose from an unbelievable range of fish sourced from more than 10 Indian States.  There is also supply from Norway, Myanmar and Vietnam. The States from which fish supply has been arranged are Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh,  Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and of course West Bengal.
During the ten-day Spencer’s Nabo Barsho Festival ( from 13th April till 22nd April), consumers will have a very wide choice of fish including a special offering of Rui and Katla weighing up to 20 kgs, which will be available in the price range Rs. 149 - Rs. 548/kg.
The showpiece at Spencer’s South City on Friday is a 25 kg Katla sourced from Gandhi Sagar reservoir in  Madhya Pradesh and rushed to Kolkata in a refrigerated van which already has created immense customer interest
“We are ready for a big jump in demand during the next ten days, one of the star attractions being Bhetki, which in known as  Asian Sea Bass worldwide and as Barramundi in South East Asia.  While Bhetki is being offered at an attractive price, medium sized Hilsas are available from Rs. 590/kg to Rs. 1390 per kg (large-sized: 1-1.5 kg).  Comparing Hilsa and Bhetki, a Spencer’s spokesman explained that while Hilsa comes from the sea to the river for breeding, Bhetki undertakes a reverse migratory journey pattern by rushing from the river to sea for breeding.  At Spencer’s the price range of Bhetki begins from Rs. 298/kg, its size can be as big as 8 kg. Special arrangements have been made for quick cleaning and cutting at all the thirteen Spencer’s outlets.
However, the broad price range of fish is between Rs. 99/kg and Rs.1590/kg.
There is also a 50 kg size sting ray shark (Shankar mach) on special display the South City Spencer’s to meet the curiosity of patrons and children. “Sales of fish at Spencer’s have been growing at a highly encouraging rate and we expect a sharp rise in BS 1425” according to the spokesperson. (EOIC)