State must reveal amount of public money spent to defend corrupt ministers: Mannan

22 Mar 2017

Leader of the Opposition in West Bengal Abdul Mannan today said that the state government must reveal how much public money had been spent by the state to fight cases to defend the "corrupt ministers".

Mannan, while demanding resignation of the 'tainted' ministers, said the party would soon approach the Governor in this regard. "Be it Saradha scam or Narada scam, we have seen how desperate the TMC government is to stop the CBI from probing the corruption cases. But the most strange thing is that it is spending public money, the tax payers' money, to fight the cases," Mannan said. "Who gave the state government the right to use tax payers' money to fight cases defending corrupt ministers? We want to know how much money the government has spent on fighting the cases in various courts. They have to publish it," he said.

Mannan said he would soon meet Governor K N Tripathi and place the demand for "sacking of the tainted ministers" since it is useless to expect Banerjee to remove them as she herself has tried hard "to defend the tainted ministers and her party leaders".