State to take step against hospitals that suppress Dengue cases

Report by: 
Durgadas Banerjee
24 Oct 2017

The West Bengal government will take stringent action against any government and private hospital that hides information on the spread of Dengue, chief secretary Moloy Dey today said at a media conference held at Nabanna.

``Canards and confusion are being spread by some people on the spread of Dengue in the state. There are many people who are alleging that the government is hiding information on Dengue, particularly deaths caused by it. But I want to make it clear that this is absolutely wrong. We have issued strict instructions that no information on this malady can be suppressed and all cases of Dengue would have to be recorded,'' Dey said at the media conference. He also said that already action had been taken against some hospitals who flouted this instruction. According to him, while 35 people have died so far because of the scourge, the total number of people afflicted by the disease stands at 18,238. However, the total number of people who died because of diseases caused by mosquito or other insect bites, stands at 54.

Dey also revealed that while last year the number of dead because of Dengue was 40, the total number of people who were down with Dengue stood at 20,140. ``The number of deaths because of this disease in our state is smaller than that in other states,'' the chief secretary further said. Dey also said that clear instructions had been sent to all government and private pathological laboratories that all blood tests would have to be done in accordance with guidelines laid down by WHO and the state health department and if a case of Dengue was reported it would have to be recorded soon. ``Anybody who flouts this guideline will be severely dealt with,'' the chief secretary said.  He who appealed to the general public not to panic and get tests done once a person had fever also said that instructions had been sent to district health authorities to launch awareness campaigns on the disease.

Meanwhile the Opposition has hit the streets alleging that the government was suppressing facts on the disease and proper measures were not being taken to fight the scourge. Both the BJP and the Congress took out rallies to protest against the government's alleged failure to reign in the menace. While West Bengal Pradesh Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chaudhury had on Monday demanded that the state government brought out all facts regarding the outbreak of the disease, BJP alleged that the government was trying to hush up the truth regarding the malady. It also demanded that chief minister Mamata Banerjee who was also in charge of health department, should give up that department.

"The state government has completely failed to tackle the outbreak of dengue in the state.... My question is why is the state government trying to hush up the matter, instead of providing better treatment facilities to patients," Dilip Ghosh, state BJP president said. The state unit of the party yesterday staged a protest rally in Salt Lake against the 'failure' of the state government to tackle the outbreak of dengue.