Temporary stoppage

11 Jan 2019

For the convenience of the pilgrims of Kumbha Mela, 12381 Up/12382Down Howrah - New Delhi Poorva Express will stop at PRAYAG station for two minutes from 13.01.2019 to 05.03.2019 in both up & down directions on nominated days.
The 12381 Up will stop at Prayag station at 21.16 hrs. and 12382 Down will stop at 02.45 hrs. Besides, 12307/12308 Howrah-Jodhpur-Howrah Express will temporarily stop at SUBEDARGANJ station for one minute for convenience of the Kumbha Mela pilgrims. 12307 Up will stop at Subedarganj station at 12.37 hrs. and 12308 down will stop at 13.30 hrs. (EOIC)