Tripura Guv visits Metro Rly Bhavan

15 Jul 2017

Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy visited Metro Bhavan , Kolkata on Friday.

During his meeting with Vishwesh Chaubey, general manager, principal heads of departments and senior officers of Metro Railway, Kolkata, he was apprised of all the latest developments of the four metro projects and the speedy completion of the tunnel boring work of East-West Metro  under the river, Hooghly.  During the critical work, utmost care has been taken not to harm the existing setup. It was also conveyed to him that the first phase of East-West Metro would be completed by June 18, 2018 and the full completion by 2020. 
Roy expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the work despite several hurdles being faced. It was   down memory lane for the Tripura Governor when he reminisced the 19 years he spent in Metro Railway in various capacities and was closely associated with Metro Railway right from its onset. He spoke about his glorious days in the Metro and his personal contribution. He conceptualised the design of Maidan Metro Station and added his technical expertise to many of Metro works.