US Peace Corps Volunteers happy to see changes in rural Bengal

19 Feb 2017

A US Peace Corps Volunteers' veteran (RPT veteran) has said that there have been some great changes in the rural pockets of West Bengal since the Peace Corps' last visit to the state five decades ago.
"There have been changes from what we had initially seen in Bengal's countryside. People have worked very hard and there are signs of economic prosperity, from bamboo house to brick ones," Revd Tom Macmeekin told PTI. I went to Chakdah and Krishnanagar in Nadia district and saw that senior members of families who had never attended schools or colleges were now sending their wards for higher studies," Macmeekin said on Friday during a visit by the US Peace Corps volunteers in West Bengal.
The academician, who had been to the same places in Nadia as part of the peace corps 50 years ago in 1966-68, was also happy with the girl's education scenario in rural Bengal and was elated to see students going to school on bicycle in many areas.
Stressing the need for education of women in a family he said, "If women get education, that helps families since they are the ones who train children."
Charles McCaffrey, Frank Fountain, Barry Steven, Jean MacMeekin were the other members of the team, in their early 20's, who had visited Burdwan, 24 Parganas, Nadia and some other parts in 1966-68. Jean also observed changes in women's attire from sarees to more contemporary ones since his last visit.
Asked if Indian Peace Corps Mission Volunteers could be deployed to countries like Africa in the same manner, he said, "Young representatives from India could be sent to Africa to work in a similar manner." (PTI)