Will hit back if BJP challenges me: Mamata

Made a blunder by making K D Singh an MP, admits TMC supremo
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EOI correspondent
23 Mar 2017

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said that she would not allow the BJP to do a politics of religious polarisation in Bengal and if the BJP challenged her party in Bengal she would take them head on and would fight them in other states. Mamata said this in response to a question on the proactive role of the RSS in Bengal these days, during an interview with the Bengali news channel ABP Ananda.
``I know RSS is doing this out of sheer frustration...they won in UP but before that they lost in elections in states like Delhi and Tamil Nadu. I know they have targetted Bengal...But if they win in UP that does not mean they will win in other states in successive elections.. if they challenge us in Bengal what do you think we will sit and have lollypops, no we will resist it..we will challenge them in Delhi... fight elections in other states. We will help other parties opposed to BJP in those states...that is my challenge, challenge and challenge,'' Mamata said. She also raised questions about the massive victory of BJP in UP. ``I can't explain how this could happen.. demonetisation had a very negative effect, economy is in doldrums.. but still this happened.. questions were raised about EVMs...I wonder why no other party is saying about this,,,why is not Mayawati moving court on the issue of EVMs,'' Mamata asked.
So far as the Narada sting operation was concerned in which several TMC leaders were accused of taking bribes, Mamata said that what she wanted CBI to do was to unearth the truth and not to harass people. ``It was a big political conspiracy. The footage was shown at BJP office. I want to know who brought that man (Mathew Samuel, Narada News CEO) to Kolkata. Who funded the entire operations? Which political leader was behind this. They took Sudip Bandopadhyay who is in fact battling for life in custody. What is his offence? Let truth come out,'' Mamata said. Regarding her party Rajya Sabha member K. D. Singh against whom Mathew Samuel has alleged that he funded the sting operations on TMC leaders, Mamata said that she committed a blunder by making him an MP. ``I knew him to be a good man, he had a share in Akash TV, (Bengali TV channel), he had tea gardens here...but he had developed good relations with BJP. But now our party has no relations with him,'' Mamata said.
In response to a question on who she would support in the Presidential election slated July Mamata said she would take a decision only after discussing it in the party. ``There are several people like Pranab Babu himself, L. K. Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Sumitra Mahajan. I will be happy if Advaniji becomes president...But we have no particular choice.. let things be clear,'' Mamata said. Regarding the visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina to India on  April 7 and the possible successive signing of Teesta agreement, Mamata said that till now she had no idea about the agreement. ``I have heard that the agreement will be signed on May 25. But I want to make one thing clear. I have all support for Bangladesh but I will not do anything that will be detrimental to the interests of Bengal,'' Mamata said.
In a question on whether Abhisek Banerjee, the TMC MP and her nephew who is regarded as her successor will indeed head the party after her, Mamata said that while no such thing has been finalised, her plans for succession were ready. ``If I die, if the BJP kills me our party will not disintegrate... all plans are ready,'' the CM said.
Regarding the law made by her government to rein in private hospitals Mamata said she took the step after watching them for about 10 years. ``Not all doctors and hospitals are dishonest. But there are allegations of negligence, over charging, I have been witnessing it for so may years...so it was not an overnight decision...,'' Mamata said. ``Will hit back if BJP challenges me: Made a blunder by making K. D. Singh an MP...Mamata