Running against odds in TSK 25K marathon

13 Dec 2018

Visual impairment failed to stop Mohammed Asif Iqbal to participate in Tata Steel Kolkata 25K marathon two years in a row. This is his second year in Bengal’s biggest running carnival as he is going to run in the 10K race category this year in TSK 25K on December 16. Previously, he ran in Airtel marathon 5k, Tata Steel Kolkata 6K last year and Airtel 2018, Rotary and Bhumi each 10K this year.
Last year he ran three 5 kilometer marathons and this year is preparing hard for the 10K and targeting to take part in 21K next year. Asif became the first blind commerce graduate from St. Xavier's college Calcutta and the first blind MBA in HR from Symbiosis Pune. Presently he is the senior manager at PWC India. He has been appointed as the digital inclusion expert for smart city project under the Government of India with the mission to empower the disabled technologically. He is honoured with various awards such as National Award, West Bengal State Role Model Award and Extra-ordinary Citizen of Kolkata Award. A number of senior citizens have registered themselves for the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K marathon and flooded the category with overwhelming response. Paramjeet Singh (70), Dukhisyam Padhy (69) and Gurdip Singh (69) and their likes over 60 years are going to participate in 25K run while Shiv Kumar Dalmia (74), Surajit Ghosh (65) and Jonaki Mitra (74) and their peers will match steps in 10K and Senior Citizens run.
A 70-year-old homemaker Archana Chakraborty from Kolkata, who has never been in any sports is going to run in Senior Citizens Run in this year’s TSK 25K. She has knee and joint pain and some other serious health issues but she still stepped for the pride of Bengal. A 67-year-old retired businessman from Chittagong in Bangladesh, Nripen Chowdhury is among another running enthusiast going to run the 25K this year. His message to the people: “Age is just a number and not a barrier to start anything in life. Your determination and dedication can help you to work towards and achieve your goals.” (EOIC)