Majestic Dudhwa Tiger Reserve opens tomorrow

Lakhimpur Kheri
13 Nov 2018

With all glorious aspects of wildlife in their natural sheen, the world-famous Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) would open for tourists on Thursday, complete with a new "welcome gate" at its base camp and an opportunity of lunch with jungle natives Tharus.
Dudhwa Tiger Reserve comprising Dudhwa National Park and Kishanpur and Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuaries starts its tourist season on November 15 and concludes on June 15 before monsoon every year. "This year, those embarking on Dudhwa safari would get refreshed entertainment with some new attractions," DTR Field director Ramesh Kumar Pandey told news agency PTI. "This year, a new welcome gate at the Dudhwa base camp apart from existing welcome gate near Nakauva nullah would greet visitors," Pandey said. "Signage and indicators at various locations of the DTR would not only guide tourists during their jungle safari but also reveal the untouched natural beauty of the Dudhwa wildlife," he added.
The DTR field director said: "Swamp deer, tigers and rhinos in the rhino area would remain major attractions for the tourists, but this season, we have chalked out a plan to promote Tharu village tours to get a glimpse of the Tharu culture and customs." Tharus are the natives of Dudhwa jungles. They claim to have their origin from Thar in Rajasthan. "We plan to carry Dudhwa visitors to a Tharu village or 'shilp gram' in a specially designed Dudhwa vehicle for a lunch with them," said Pandey.  "At the nature centre at Dudhwa base camp, Tharu handicrafts would also be designed on tiger-theme to attract visitors to Tharu products," he added. "Evenings in Dudhwa often seem boring to some tourists, particularly children. In view of this, special movie shows at Dudhwa auditorium would be held, featuring films and documentaries on the Dudhwa wildlife. This is sure to keep tourists in good cheer," he said.