Stand Alone

20 Mar 2017 - M SURESH KUMAR
19 Mar 2017 - EOI Piks
M.C. Chauhan, General Manager, Metro Railway, Kolkata inaugurated an Automatic Fire Water Pumping System in the premises of Kavi Nazrul Metro Station...
19 Mar 2017 - SUBRATA
19 Mar 2017 - V SENTHIL KUMAR
18 Mar 2017 - M SURESH KUMAR
Pictures shows auto-rickshaws drivers staging a protest at Mohanpura on Saturday after a Head Constable of the Traffic Police allegedly slapped one of...
Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Malda organized a seminar and drama show to commemorate the 182nd birth anniversary of Lord Sri Ramakrishna on Saturday....
18 Mar 2017 - Arijit Ganguly
17 Mar 2017 - Shyamal Maitra
16 Mar 2017 - Shyamal Maitra
16 Mar 2017 - Arijit Ganguly
14 Mar 2017 - M SURESH KUMAR
Collage shows a Cross-over class vehicle of a leading automobile company badly damaged after a road accident at Beodnabad in South Andaman. The mishap...
14 Mar 2017 - M SURESH KUMAR
Picture shows a sanitary worker clearing the clogged sewage drain at Japan Road in Dairyfarm here. Reacting promptly to the report published in The Ec...