Stand Alone

15 Feb 2017 - EOIC
Chairman-in-council (CIC) in English Bazaar municipality (EBM) was formed today with induction of four Trinamool Congress councilors. Chairman of the...
14 Feb 2017 - EOI Piks
14 Feb 2017 - SUBRATA
Picture shows leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party staging a protest at Rangat near the office of the Assistant Commissioner on Tuesday. Top leaders...
14 Feb 2017 - M SURESH KUMAR
14 Feb 2017 - Arijit Ganguly
13 Feb 2017 - KURMA RAO
Picture shows the renovated bridge at Tugapur No. 7 in North Andaman. The need for urgent repairs of the crucial village link was raised during the re...
13 Feb 2017 - M SURESH KUMAR
Collage shows a tourist bus converted into an open boozing facility in the city. According to reports, anti-social elements use the parked bus for bin...
13 Feb 2017 - EOI Pix
12 Feb 2017 - EOI Piks
12 Feb 2017 - BALARAM SINGH
Collage shows the disaster alert siren installed at remote Rajiv Nagar being repaired by the District Administration of Campbell Bay.  According to re...
10 Feb 2017 - Arijit Ganguly
10 Feb 2017 - SUBRATA