Muslims in UP need to register for multiple marriages

3 Aug 2017

Muslims opting for multiple marriages will have to get them registered separately in Uttar Pradesh and the government guidelines do not in any way interfere with practices of any religion, a top official said today. The UP Marriage Registration Guidelines, 2017 were approved by the Cabinet on August 1. After notification, the Stamp and Registration Department will implement it, Renuka Kumar, the principal secretary to Women Welfare Department, told PTI. She also made it clear that the guidelines "do not interfere" in practices of "any religion". "The UP government does not intend to interfere in the practices of any religion. If any male Muslim is going to register his marriage, then he will have the option of registration a maximum of four marriages. For this, he has to fill different registration forms," she said. However, she added that Muslims opting to marry more than once will have to get each marriage registered separately "But, if any Muslim male has married more than once, then he has to register each of his marriage. Males from the Muslim community will get the facility of registering four marriages, but Hindus and people practicing other religions will be allowed to register only one marriage," Kumar said. The principal secretary also said that registering a marriage henceforth will not need the services of a lawyer. "A person can register his/her marriage from home simply at the click of a mouse by visiting the website of Stamp and Registration department. The husband and wife after visiting the webpage of the Stamp and Registration department, will provide their Aadhaar number. Then an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to the registered mobile number. As soon as the OTP is entered on the webpage, all the details (including photographs of the husband and wife) from the Aadhaar card will be auto-filled. There will be no need to provide a copy of the wedding invitation card or marriage photograph," she said. After this details like date of marriage, venue of the marriage and city need to be filled in the registration form and Rs 10 deposited through online banking as registration fees. If the marriage is registered within a year of marriage, then Rs 10 will be levied as registration charges, she said. After this, the marriage will be considered as registered, and a reference number will be given. The marriage certificate can be obtained on one's personal email id or can be downloaded from any cyber cafe, she said, adding only the reference number has to be  . Underlining benefits of registering the marriage, Kumar said, "This will come handy”.