Opposition not impressed by Yogi ministry's 100 days

Report by: 
Pradeep Kapoor
7 Jul 2017

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath may have complimented his government for good performance during first 100 days but opposition is not impressed.
While on the one hand Adityanath released a 50-page repot card titled “100 Days of Faith,” the Opposition attacked the government for all round failure. Although 100 days are not sufficient to assess the performance of any government, by deciding to celebrate the occasion, the chief minister was handing over a stick to the Opposition to beat the government with.
The main opposition leader and former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav wondered how people could expect development when the government was busy in pursuing the politics of regression, vigilantism and hatred. Akhilesh was also critical of the power situation in the state and charged that power supply worsened during past few months. He claimed that the situation was much better during his time.
Terming the loan waiver as a big face, Akhilesh said that it would be very difficult for the Yogi Government to arrange funds for loans in future and farmers were already feeling cheated by the government. He was also critical of the anti-Romeo squads and said innocent persons were being harassed by the police. He pointed out how the BJP had made law and order a big issue during the election campaign but the Yogi government miserably failed on this front as there was phenomenal rise in killings and kidnappings.
Former chief minister and BSP leader Mayawati also charged the Yogi Government with failure to deal with law and order, which was a major issue in the election. She claimed that the law and order situation was much better during her regime. She also criticized the farm loans write-off and said it would be very difficult to arrange funds for this purpose.
Launching a scathing attack on the Yogi government, Mayawati said it was taking credit for the proposed international airport at Jewar, Gautam Budh Nagar. Akhilesh too had alleged that the Yogi government was changing the names of schemes launched during the SP government rule and claiming as if their own.
While terming the claims made by the Yogi government as bundle of lies, the Congress party came out with a booklet titled “100 days 100 Farebs“ (frauds) Releasing the booklet, veteran Congress leaders Satya Deo Tripathi said that the first 100 days of Yogi government were marked with false promises and bogus claims. Congress also charged the government with failure to fulfill the promise to free roads of potholes by June 15.
The Congress leaders said that despite stern warning from the chief minister, half of the ministers and a large of number of bureaucrats had not disclosed their assets and that farmers’ suicides were continuing as the loan waiver scheme promised by Yogi Adityanath had not been implemented.
The problem with the chief minister and his two deputies is that they do not have any administrative experience.  The majority of ministers are raw in experience and finding it difficult to get their order implemented at the ground level through bureaucracy, which has a feudal mindset.
The Yogi government also appears to be suffering from indecision, which is reflected by the changing of chief secretary. It took more than three months to get a suitable officer from the Centre to be posted as chief secretary. In the case of other key posts too, the Government took a long time to post the officials.
The Yogi government is also under pressure from the BJP central leadership and senior office-bearers of the party posted in Lucknow as well as those from RSS. There have been several meetings involving Yogi Adityanath, his ministers, BJP leaders and RSS leaders for better coordination and guidelines for governance.
Adityanath is also aware that time is very short for his government to perform as the 2019 Lok Sabha polls are not very far. He is under tremendous pressure to perform well as the party had got 73 seats in Lok Sabha from UP in 2014 and again 325 seats in the 2017 assembly elections, so the expectations of voters are very high. (IPA)