Another three youths arrested with FICN of Rs 1 lakh in 2000 denomination

7 Mar 2017

District police succeeded once again in seizing FICN (fake Indian currency notes) amounting 1 lakh and arrested three youths for allegedly peddling the counterfeit notes from Mohanpur village in Baishnabnagar police station on Monday late night. With this FICN amounting approximately 6 lakh all in denomination of 2000 were seized in last 72 hours from three separate places in English Bazaar and Baishnabnagar police stations. Six persons in total have been arrested for alleged attempt to peddle the FICN. Although district police have regularly succeeded in arresting FICN peddlers and seizing large amount of counterfeit notes, the tendency of FICN peddling and its availability in huge quantity have caused frown for police and intelligence department officials.
It has been learnt from police sources that acting on a tip off a police team from Baishnabnagar police station raided house of one Abdul Rashid at Mohanpur village. Rashid was arrested with some FICN. Later, police arrested Kashim Sheikh and Sayed Sheikh from Mohanpur bus stand and seized the remaining FICN from their custody. 
“Interrogating Abdul Rashid we got the whereabouts of the other two and arrested them too. Age of all three youths is nearly 20,” said a senior police officer. 
According to police sources, the trio informed police during the primary interrogation that they worked as migrated labourers. As they were baited to peddle FICN against lucrative commission, the trio went to India-Bangladesh border area close to their house recently and collected the packets containing FICN.
Police sources further informed those youths claimed that they had agreed to peddle FICN to be rich quickly. “This trend is dangerous. Young generations are being allured for peddling FICN with the bait of earning easy money as it seems to us,” said a senior police officer.
Arnab Ghosh, the superintendent of police said, “We are probing into FICN cases with utmost importance.” (EOIC)