Battle over conjugal rights

Two wives of one single husband lose ears
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13 Oct 2017

In a fierce duel claiming the fullest conjugal rights two housewives, both married to one single husband lost their ears last night at Mojampur village under Kaliachak police station last night. Kulsum Bibi, 32 and Chandmani Bibi, 28, both wives of Sintu Sheikh, a migrant labourer are now under treatment at the female surgical ward in Malda medical college & hospital (MMCH). They have lodged complaints of attempt to murder against each other.
It has been learnt from sources in police department that Sheikh married Kulsum Bibi ten years ago and they have two kids. Few years back Sheikh solemnized his second marriage with Chandmani Bibi and got two more offspring from the second wife.
Neighbours of the family revealed that the first wife vehemently opposed Sheikh’s second marriage since beginning and tension brewed between the two housewives sharing one husband living in the same quarter.
Sheikh came back to village yesterday after working in Chhattisgarh for three months. As soon as he stepped into house, both of his wives started quarrelling over their conjugal share of the husband.
According to Sheikh, while sitting in a tea-stall nearby last evening, he heard screams of his wives. “I rushed back to see that both of them were profusely bleeding and their ears were chopped off,” he said.
He came to know that first Kulsum hit Chandmani with a sharp weapon and chopped off her right ear. To avenge the attack Chandmani snatched the weapon from Kulsum and hit back. In a blow by Chandmani, Kulsum’s left ear got completely detached from her body. Both of them were taken to MMCH with severe injuries.
Dr Jyotish Das, deputy super of MMCH said, “Kulsum Bibi’s left ear has been separated from her body. Chandmani Bibi’s right ear is thinly hanging from her head. Necessary surgeries have been done. But they are still in danger now.”
Dipak Sarkar, additional SP (rural) said, “Police have received written complaints from both women and we are looking into those.”
Sheikh, the husband, however, has no rest now. While taking equal care of both wives under treatment, the husband said, “I acted as a mediator whenever scuffles occurred between Kulsum and Chandmani and advised them to live together in peace. But they never reconciled with each other. It seems to be impossible now to make them understand that I love both of them equally.”