BJP’s internal rift exposed while forming board in Gazole, formation incomplete at Chaknagar

27 Aug 2018

Factional feud of BJP came to fore while constituting board at Gazole II gram panchayet. The supporters of two groups of BJP indulged in violence. Although local BJP leaders blamed disguised Trinamool Congress supporters for the unrest, Trinamool rubbished the allegation.
Out of four gram panchayets in Gazole block BJP formed boards at Gazole I & II gram panchayets, Trinamool won Deotala GP. Formation of board could not be complete till evening after several dramatic turns.
Violence broke out between two factions of BJP as one faction supported Jayanti Burman while the other supported Fulbilasi Sarkar. The factions got entangled in a clash before the board was formed.
Police had to rush to the spot to control the situation. Jayanti Burman was elected the pradhan while Nirmal Mardi was elected deputy head finally.
Thakurdas Sarkar, local BJP leader alleged that some Trinamool supporters in disguise of BJP supporters resorted to unrest.
Dipali Biswas, local MLA and Trinamool leader said that BJP could not control factional feud.
Out of 13 seats at Chaknagar gram panchayet BJP won eight seats while Trinamool, Congress bagged three and one seats respectively. One seat was won by an independent candidate.
According to BJP leaders, administrative officials did not form the board in time as the official observer was allegedly hijacked. Although BJP demanded that the BDO had to take responsibility of forming the board, he refused. The board could not be formed till evening.
Violence gripped Rishipur gram panchayet area too as BJP supporters ransacked party office alleging their women members were attacked by Trinamool. Later, police and BSF had to rush to spot to complete the process peacefully. (EOIPC)