Demonstration culture back to UGB, undergrad examinees agitate against ‘confusing results’

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7 Jan 2019

Unrest seems to be back to the University of Gour Banga (UGB) as the students aggrieved with varsity authority’s allegedly confusing decision of revising the already published results for undergraduate (honours) examinations demonstrated in front of the gate this afternoon.
The aggrieved students alleged that on one hand the UGB authority was playing with their fates and on the other they were being deterred from entering the campus for speaking to the controller of examinations (COE).
It may be mentioned that the UGB authorities published the results of undergraduate (honours) examinations for examinees of first and second year on January 3. 51.78 per cent of 11667 examinees of first year passed the examinations which is pretty low compared to 67.78 per cent of success last year.
Percentage of successful candidates has got reduced for the second year undergraduate (honours) examinees also. 80.65 per cent of 7908 examinees passed while the success rate was 84.98 per cent last year.
Soon after publication of results the examinees burst into anger and claimed that their answer scripts were not properly evaluated. Different organizations of students including Trinamool Chhatra Parishad (TMCP) expressed discontent with lower percentage of success than the last year.
Understanding the reactions, the UGB authority issued a notice on Jan 4 stating that the published results would be reviewed and revised results would be published again shortly.
The decision, however, surprised the students as many of them got confused about whether the results were withdrawn after the notice was issued.
Nearly 40 students from a college in south Dinajpur district rushed to UGB campus today and demanded to know the facts from the COE.
However, security personnel prevented them from entering the campus claiming that many of them did not bear the identity cards.
Upen Basak, an aggrieved examinee said, “We are being humiliated. We are being denied our rights to know the truth.”
“Many students with proven merit remain unsuccessful. The results published seems to be a kind of farce,” Basak said.
No reaction could be obtained from Shyamapada Mandal, COE on additional charge.
However, it seems that the result-controversy would lead to further unrest at the UGB again.