Demonstration by job seekers, lathi-charge to clear severe traffic congestion

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6 Feb 2017

Blockade of NH-34 for over two and a half hours by the aggrieved youths who demanded publication of results of the primary school teachers’ recruitment examinations held in 2009-2010 resulted in acute collapse of traffic today. Police had to charge lathis to lift the blockade eventually. The blockers alleged that at least 12 of them were injured. Police officials, however, denied lathi-charge.
It has been learnt from police sources that the road blockade started without any prior notice. The sudden blockade of NH-34 running through English Bazaar paralyzed the life-line of the district headquarter. Rabindra Avenue and other roads connected to NH-34 were badly congested as a result of the road-blockade.
The youths alleged that they took the examinations for recruitment of primary teachers in 2010. Even the successful candidates faced the interview. “But even after six years the result was not published. We want to know the reasons. The district inspector of schools (primary education) must come up with reasons,” said a demonstrator.
A large contingent of police from English Bazaar police station rushed to lift the blockade. An altercation followed between the police officials and the demonstrators. As the demonstrators refused to withdraw blockade, police reportedly resorted to lathi charge in phases. 12 demonstrators were claimed to be injured.
Dilip Hazra, the deputy superintendent of police (headquarters) said, “The road blockade was illegal. We succeeded to lift the blockade finally. No lathi charge was made.”