Dist & police admin organize Surakshashree awards

5 Oct 2018

District and police administration met the organizers of Durga puja committees at Malda College auditorium on Friday to discuss the measures ensuring security and law & order situation during the upcoming festive days. Veteran drivers were felicitated by officials of district police administration for commendable driving in adherence to the safety rules perfectly.
Kaushik Bhattacharya, DM, Arnab Ghosh, SP, Swami Tyagarupananda, secretary of Ramakrishna Mission, Malda officials of district and police administrations were present at the programme.
The officials discussed the measures for safety and security with the puja organizers. “The route and the regulations of immersion have been discussed also. It is sometimes found that at night the holy idols are left alone. Puja organizers have been requested to maintain round the clock vigil at pandals to avoid any untoward incident,” Ghosh said.
Bhattacharya also emphasized maintenance of peace during the festive days in his speech.
Swami Tyagarupananda appreciated the measures taken by district civil and police administrations for offering the district safe and peaceful festive days.
Ten drivers of bus, lorry and minibus were felicitated at the programme for driving maintaining the road-safety rules.
“They are examples of safe driving and have proved that maintenance of traffic rules is quite possible,” Ghosh said.
The drivers were delighted as their performances were acknowledged by police administrations. (EOIPC)