Electricity official punishes load shedding sufferers with confinement

23 Aug 2018

Excitement gripped Chanchal after a senior official of state electricity distribution company limited (SEDCL) today confined as many as 20 persons who went to the office to complain about low voltage and frequent power cut at different villages in Harischandrapur.
The villagers were freed after media-personnel reached the spot. Aggrieved villagers later demonstrated in front of the office and lodged a police complaint against Amiya Adak, divisional manager of SEDCL, Malda north division.
Azizur Rahaman, Mohammed Umar Farooque and others after being released from confinement said that they went to SEDCL division office in Chanchal to complain about the poor power supply to Talgachhi, Alamganj, Karkaria and other villages in Harischandrapur.
“We raised the issue before as well. It was further suggested that instead of the feeder point located at a distance of 30 km, power supply to those villages should be made from a closer feeder point located only 6 km away. The concerned official assured to consider our proposal and asked us to meet him at the office,” Alam said.
“While we were discussing problems with the divisional manager, he suddenly turned furious. To our dismay the divisional manager directed the security to keep us under lock & key. We were released only when the media personnel came,” Rahaman said.
Congress MLA of Harischandrapur Mostaque Alam said that he would communicate the incident to state power minister and the Chief Minister demanding punishment of the concerned officer.
Sub divisional police officer Sajal Kanti Biswas said that police were looking into the matter.
Adak, however, was not available for comment. “I’m busy right now and can’t talk,” he said. (EOIPC)