Essential computer parts from Gour Banga varsity’s engg dept stolen, CCTV footages reveal theft

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11 Jun 2018

Crucial parts of computers were stolen from the engineering department of the University of Gour Banga (UGB) early on Monday. The CCTV footages perused by police officials have reportedly revealed that those parts were stolen by a yet-to-be identified youth between 4.30 and 6.30 am. The theft of important computer parts and no other valuables are being considered to be significant especially when different wings of the government are holding several probes into allegations of gross corruptions in the varsity.
Prof Sadhan Saha, UGB registrar on additional charge said, “We have lodged a written complaint with English Bazaar police station. A probe has already been launched by police.”
It has been learnt from sources in the varsity that the theft was first noticed by staff of engineering department around 10.30 am when the institution opened after two days. Soon after receiving the information, UGB engineer Anirban Goon, Prof Saha and other officials rushed to the spot.
“We have noticed that mother-board, hard disk, RAM and other integral parts of those computers of HP brand (i5) were missing. Computers were left scattered.  Several important data were stored in those computers,” Goon said.
“Footages of CCTVs were examined. It was seen that an unidentified youth entered the computer section of engineering department at 4.10 am. He left with those parts of computer quickly after sometime. The matter has been reported to police. It’s very serious crime,” registrar on additional charge said.
Police have collected the CCTV footage to examine it further.
It has been learnt that only 12 security personnel remain on guard of the four-storied administrative building of nearly 24000 sq mt. The UGB campus has been set up on 29.51 acres.
Goon said that the computer section of engineering department was unlocked but his chamber was under lock and key.
UGB authorities have show-caused the security personnel.
Purnendu Kundu, inspector-in-charge of English Bazaar police station said, “A probe is underway.”