Farmers happy over hike in price of silk cocoons

16 Jul 2018

The silk industry in the district is quite jubilant over adequate Increase in the price of silk cocoons. The farmers associated with the silk industry of the district have expressed their satisfaction over the price hike of the silk cocoons. The recent price of the cocoons has reportedly increased considerably.

Those farmers, who deviated from the silk industry under unbearable poverty, gave up silk cultivation and switched over to mango and litchi plantation. It has been learnt that they have again started taking renewed interest in silk plantation.

It has been learnt from sources that while once the price of silk cocoons was Rs 2800 per 40 kilograms, the recent price for the same quantity of silk cocoons is Rs 7000. “Naturally, the silk planters have felt encouraged to get back to their previous occupation expecting much larger profit,” sources said. The concerned sources claimed that the lost glory of silk plantation would be rejuvenated if the increased price sustains. “As a consequence the economy of the district would also be strengthened,” some associated with silk industry said.

This should be mentioned that Malda contributes more than 75% of the total silk production in West Bengal. More than 60000 families are associated with silk industry in the district. In 2009-2010 the total production of silk in the state was 16,351 tons out of which 12000 tons of silk was produced in Malda. An all time high record has also been set in the production of silkthread also.

The farmers associated with silk plantation said: “The scenario is quite different now compared to what was even two years back. The soaring price of silk cocoons brings about better prospect for us.” “In addition the formation of the self-help groups has also prevented the intrusion of brokers who used to take away a large share of our profit. So we have resumed silk plantation anew,’ the happy silk planters added. (EOIC)