Formation of 146 GPs complete in Malda

Trinamool Congress tops the chart reducing Congress to poor fourth : BJP comes third after rainbow alliance
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29 Aug 2018

Leaving opposition parties far behind Trinamool Congress out of 146 in the district wins 81 village bodies including 10 where no contest took place. Strange alliance of different political parties has formed boards in 37 gram panchayets (GPs). BJP has won 22 GPs while Congress in its own bastion remained satisfied with only six village bodies. Left parties could not win a single GP in Malda this time.
According to a report issued by Sukanta Saha, district panchayet & rural development officer, out of 146 GPs contests were held for 136 village bodies. Highest number of GPs (six out of 14) have been won by Trinamool in Kaliachak I block.
The ruling party has performed well  in Harischandrapur II, Ratua I & II, Gazole, English Bazaar and all three blocks of Kaliachak. Out of nine GPs, Trinamool has singularly won eight. The ruling party has also captured eight out of 10 GPs in Ratua I block while five out of right in Ratua II block.
In Gazole Trinamool has won nine GPs out of 15. Majority of GPs (six out of 11) in English Bazaar has also gone in favour of Trinamool.
Chariot of Trinamool’s success remains unrestrained in Kaliachak I block. Out of 14 GPs Trinamool has altogether won 13. Similar success has been attained by Trinamool in Kaliachak II block also where eight out of nine GPs have gone to their favour distinctly. In Kaliachak III block the ruling party has won 10 out of 14 GPs.
On the contrary, Trinamool has not fared comparatively well in Old Malda, Manikchak, Habibpur, Bamangola, Chanchal I & II and Harischandrapur I blocks.
While BJP has won five out of 11 GPs alone in Habibpur, Trinamool could not win a single village body here. Out of six GPs in Bamangola, Trinamool had only fifty per cent success while the rest fifty per cent rests with BJP.
In Old Malda also, out of six GPs Trinamool won only one while BJP came victorious alone in three village bodies.
In Chanchal I block Trinamool won only three GPs out of eight. In neighbouring Chanchal II block also the ruling party got three GPs out of seven. In Harischandrapur I block Trinamool pitiably won only one GP out of seven. The ruling party did not have a satisfactory performance in Manikchak also. Out of 11 GPs, Trinamool ended with only three in hand.
Rainbow alliance formed boards in five GPs each in Harischandrapur I and Manikchak blocks.
BJP has formed one to six GPs in seven blocks while they had to return empty handed from the remaining eight blocks as the report shows.
Congress has undergone a major setback for the first time in district’s electoral history for last 30 years. Out of 15 blocks including the three in Kaliachak, the party that once dominated with unquestionable authority could not open account in 10 blocks. CPM and other Left parties have virtually gone extinct.