Google services help Malda College introducing penniless online attendance system

'Yes Sir', 'Present Please' become things of past
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13 Jul 2017

Gone are those days of bunking classes for the first-show of matinee idol or spending more time in canteen with friends than classes. Google services that have been so far a boon for college-lads for watching films through YouTube may be a bane now as Malda College is going to introduce online attendance from 14 July with helps from Google services. The same would be applicable for the teachers as well. Interestingly not a single penny would be spent from the college fund for this unique attendance system as claimed by Uttam Sarkar, principal of the college today.

Malda College is one of the largest colleges in the state with 18 undergraduate and three postgraduate departments. The college has strength of 54 full-time teachers and 17 state government-approved contractual teachers. College administration is helped by 16 full-time and 27 part-time non-teaching employees. “Initially the attendances of first year students along with those of teachers and non-teaching employees would be recorded online. Gradually the other students would come under its purview,” Sarkar said. It has been learnt from him that Malda College has a capacity of admitting 1300 students with honopurs in different subjects and 1500 students intending to pursue general graduation course in first year.

The principal informed that Manas Baidya, a teacher of college’s commerce department and chairman of internal quality assessment council made an intensive effort to design the new online attendance system with help of Google. “Teachers with their mobile phones would be noting down attendance of students and later transferring the attendance to college’s main computer. Finally, the attendance would be available on college’s website. Guardians would also be able to notice their wards’ attendance in classes,” Baidya said. “Teachers would be given individual passwords for registering attendance. Hence, along with students’ attendance the duration a teacher spends in classes would also be recorded,” college’s IQAC chairman explained.

“The cost for incorporating the unique system is virtually nil. Our college has wi-fi facility. The teachers would be able to use it for registering and sending attendance. We are now upgrading the facility,” college principal said. The new system has been welcomed by teachers and students. “Nothing applied forcibly yields positive results. But we are hopeful as the responses and cooperation from my colleagues and students are overwhelming,” Sarkar said with a note of enthusiasm.