Housewife seeks police help apprehending trafficking of kids by her husband

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19 May 2017

Alleging that her husband, an agent of ISI (Inter services intelligence of Pakistan) has been trying to sell off his two kids, a housewife named Nomazan Bibi, in her twenties met the senior police officials seeking protection today. She further alleged that Emazuddin Khan, her husband had a link with a child-trafficking racket of Uttar Pradesh. Taking the allegation seriously the senior police officials ordered a probe into the written complaint of the housewife..
Nomazan Bibi, who was married to Khan of Gumanitola village under Bhutni police station lodged complaint against 12 persons including two women, who, she believe, help her husband in trafficking children.
In her written complaint, Nomajan Bibi, the housewife alleged that her husband Emazuddin Khan was involved in child-trafficking with help of two local women Azlish Khatun and Zamila Bibi.
“I came to know that my husband was trying to even to sell my two sons Eman Khan (6) and Keyamat Khan (8) too. He has taken Rs 1 lakh as an advance for selling my kids from a child trafficking racket operating in Uttar Pradesh,” the housewife alleged.
She claimed that as he had protested against her husband’s criminal activities, she was driven away of his house. When she started living with her parents at Amrity village in English Bazaar, those agents of trafficking racket at the behest of her husband allegedly tried to attack her there too to take away the kids for selling.
Nomazan Bibi urged the police officials to ensure security of her and the two kids apprehending an attack by some members of the trafficking racket who had come to Malda from Uttar Pradesh.
Dilip Hazra, the DSP (headquarter) said, “The matter is being seriously probed into.”
Chaitali Sarkar, chairperson of district child welfare committee (CWC) said, “If the allegations are found to be true, we would do our best to help her.”