Internal feud in Malda BJP worsens as new district president drops several members of previous committee

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17 Nov 2018

Factionalism in district BJP, already plagued by severe internal feud, turned for the worse soon after Sanjit Mishra, district BJP president announced new district committee four months after his appointment. Eighteen members of the previous committee including three district general secretaries have been dropped from the new committee. Although Mishra interprets the replacement of old faces as a method of infusing new energy into the organization, the dropped leaders directly or indirectly hinted that they would oppose the new party president in Malda in every possible way.
It may be mentioned that an ex-army man and former employee of postal department Sanjit Mishra was appointed the district BJP president replacing Subrata Kundu.
Mishra and his associates in BJP were reportedly cornered during Kundu’s regime and he got close to Trinamool Congress. In his new committee Mishra has accommodated Bishnupada Roy, Rajib Champati and other leaders who were marginalised during Kundu’s term as BJP president.
On the other hand, Ajay Ganguly, Manabendra Chakraborty and Sudipta Chatterjee, three general secretaries of the former committee have been dropped by Mishra from the new committee.
Reacting sharply within 48 hours of his ouster Chakraborty said, “I was not dropped.  Rather I informed the state leadership that I would not work under such a district president who attacked BJP from the platform of Trinamool Congress. There are innumerable BJP workers in the district who are equally shocked to get such a turn-coat leader.”
Party sources said that Chakraborty has written a letter against Mishra to national BJP president Amit Shah.
Ajay Ganguly, another leader who was dropped said, “The party leadership does not know Mishra as BJP leader. They contact either Chakraborty or me. This has probably hurt Mishra’s ego and so he dropped us. Or it may be so that he dropped us out of fear that he would be overshadowed by veteran leaders like us. Those who run the election machinery in the district are all dropped by the new president.”
In the same breath Ganguly added that they did not care the action as the central BJP leadership recognized their contribution to party.
Sudipta Chatterjee, another eliminated general secretary, however, was not direct in the attack. But he said that the announcement of the new district committee was ‘quite different’ from the previous ones. “I did not receive any information. I have heard that the committee was declared through facebook live. I have never experienced such declaration of district committee before. But it does not matter whether I am on the committee or not. Grassoot workers in huge numbers are in touch with me,” he said.
Mishra, however, has got his arguments. “Ganguly was district general secretary for consecutive times. It is now time to bring new faces to leadership. Another former general secretary wanted rest and his appeal was approved,” Mishra said.
“The new district committee has representatives of 11 out of 15 blocks in Malda unlike the previous one based mostly in English Bazaar. Even the district president and three other leaders were from the same municipal ward in English Bazaar,” Mishra said claiming that he tried to accommodate leaders from all nook and corners of Malda.
The new district president further said, “Dissent of a few leaders proves BJP has no dearth  of suitable leaders now. Previously we had to request workers to shoulder responsibility. Now, few are dissatisfied as they are relieved of duties. It shows BJP is developing.”
Mishra also said that two vacant posts in the newly announced district committee would be filled shortly.