Malda College principal cancels daughter’s admission

End of controversy!
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23 Jul 2017

Principal of Malda College cancels his daughter’s admission into undergraduate course with hounours in Physics after it was alleged that the admission violated merits list. Sarkar informed the DM, Malda and college’s administrator Kaushik Bhattacharya that the admission was revoked.
Sarkar said, “I admitted my daughter Natasha scoring 83.33 percent score in merit list into undergraduate course with honours in Physics although the cut-off point was 85.50 percent. I made the admission following a resolution of college’s governing body (GB) that allows a college employee’s ward to get admitted specially. But now as the matter is interpreted humiliatingly, I have withdrawn my daughter’s admission. She would now study with honours in Botany as per merit list.”
“Later, if my daughter gets an opportunity to study Physics after second counseling, she would be freshly admitted,” Sarkar added.
It may be mentioned that complaints were lodged with DM, Malda and VC, the University of Gour Banga (UGB) by a student that principal of Malda College got his daughter Natasha Sarkar admitted into undergraduate Physics course violating merit list.
“The complaint did not reflect the procedure. I was deeply pained and shattered mentally. Even I fell ill. Finally I have revoked my daughter’s admission,” Sarkar said.
Meanwhile, it is alleged by a section of college teachers and employees that UGB authorities send a long list of candidates to principal of Malda College asking him to get them admitted offline. “The list does not even bear any marks of those candidates. Our principal was asked to recommend a candidate to university so that UGB authorities could approve his admission into Malda College offline. As he refused to comply, he was defamed,” said a senior teacher of Malda College.