Malda mangoes move to UK

1 Jul 2018

Finally the mangoes from Malda were exported to England on Sunday. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had asked officials and the merchants to take initiative to send popular varieties of Malda mangoes abroad. Acting on her suggestion, 1,200 kgs of mangoes were sent to England from Kolkata through Mumbai.
It has been learnt from sources in the state food processing & horticulture department that mostly ‘Langra’ and ‘Amrapali’ varieties of the fruit were sent to United Kingdom (UK).
“These varieties of mangoes can be preserved longer. ‘Gopal Bhog’ and ‘Himsagar’ species of mangoes ripen quickly during the mango season. ‘Langra’ and ‘Amrapali’ are produced late. The mangoes were packed in adherence with the ideal procedures,” assistant director food processing and horticulture Rahul Chakraborty said.
Sources informed that the mangoes exported to UK were produced organically and underwent hot water treatment during packing. Mangoes produced in Malda have always high demand abroad.
There was a mango production of 3.25 lakh tonnes in the current season.
The mango-growers said that there was a fall in market price of the fruit; firstly owing to scare about Nipa virus and later the use of carbide in ripening mangoes resulted in poor demand in the market.
The average price of good varieties of mango came down to only Rs 5 a kg kilo compared to Rs 30 to Rs 50  per kg in previous years.
The aggrieved mango-growers had also held a demonistration at Ratua I block of the district dumping their produce on road.
Malda Mango Nerchants’ Association secretary Ujjwal Chowdhury expressed concern over the exceptionally low-price of the seasonal fruit. “The economy of Malda and surrounding districts largely depend on mango-business. If the downward trend in mango-price continues, there would be huge set-back for the mango-growers,” Chowdhury said.
Officials of the food processing & horticulture department are, however, hopeful that the market would have an upswing shortly. (EOIC)