Malda Trinamool’s unprecedented ‘harmony show’ on foundation day

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1 Jan 2017

District Trinamool Congress exhibited a rare show of unity while celebrating the foundation day of the party this evening at a prominent spot here today. The Trinamool leaders, however, skipped commenting on absence of former minister Krishnendu Choudhury, who attended a separate celebration this morning organized by his follower Prasenjit Das, district president of Trinamool Chhatra Parishad (TMCP). 

The dais, named after Biplab Nayek, a departed Trinamool leader and once one of close associates of chief minister Mamata Banerjee, was attended by district Trinamool leaders of all statures sans Choudhury. Dr Moazzem Hossain, party’s district president, Amlan Bhaduri, district youth Trinamool president, Nihar Ghosh, MLA, English Bazaar, former minister Sabitri Mitra and former minister of state Abu Naser Khan Choudhury were hailed by frequent slogans of the party workers witnessing the party leaders of the district sharing a single dais.

Trinamool Congress councilors of English Bazaar municipality namely Ashish Kundu, Subhamay Basu, Sumala Agarwalla and others made special effort behind the ‘unity show.’

“The evening shows there is no room of disharmony in the party. We paid dearly in the bygone elections owing to our differences of opinions. But now, I’m confident that Trinamool with such a strong bonding is able to emerge as the first political party in the district,” Dr Hossain said.

The political session was followed by a cultural programme organized by the party.

TMCP separately held a programme to commemorate party’s foundation day at the ‘martyrs’ monument’ this morning. Krishnendu Choudhury, Prasenjit Das and others were present in the programme.

“We paid homage to the martyrs who laid their lives for the party during the atrocious Left Front regime. We also paid tributes to those brave souls who sacrificed their lives for the nation,” Das said.

While both Choudhury and Das remained reticent about their conspicuous absence in the celebration organized by the district party, Dr Hossain significantly said, “Anyone has the right to celebrate party’s foundation day anywhere. If one likes, he can celebrate the day at his residence as well.” He also said, "Sabhadhipati of Malda zilla Parishad Sarala Murmu also could not come but she informed beforehand of her absence."