Mausam, Dalu offer support to Trinamool for forming rural boards, political observers smell otherwise

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27 Aug 2018

Sance of district Congress to accord support to Trinamool Congress while forming rural boards has once again pricked the possibility of joining of two Congress MPs to Trinamool. Although Malda north Congress MP and district Congress president Mausam Noor claimed that the decision was taken to keep BJP away from power at the rural bodies, political observers believe that it was merely a pretext of senior district Congress leaders’ joining Trinamool.
Noor today said, “We have resolved to help Trinamool in forming boards where we do not have sufficient elected members to constitute the board. In return we have sought support from Trinamool where the ruling party cannot form the board with their own strength.”
Explaining the issue Noor said, “We would go any far to keep a communal party like BJP away from power. That is why we have taken such a decision.”
A letter in this regard jointly signed by Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury, Malda south MP and Noor has been sent to all block Congress leaders. Trinamool Congress district leadership was approached by Khan Choudhury and Noor in writing too.
Acknowledging the proposal of district Congress leadership, Dulal Sarkar, district Trinamool president said, “Trinamool has sincerely fought against BJP always. If district Congress leadership likes to support our battle against BJP, we have no problem to include them.”
Political observers, however, smell differently. A senior political observer said, “The Congress MPs from Malda have clearly understood that their win in next Lok Sabha polls sans support from Trinamool would be pretty difficult. Hence, they opened door for Trinamool so that they face no obstruction from Trinamool during Lok Sabha polls.”