MMCH doctors emerge as ‘midnight’s angel’ for critically ill patient

Woman with abysmally low hemoglobin brought to life
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23 Jul 2017

Malda medical college & hospital (MMCH), which is often hit by controversies, now has a reason to earn admiration as its team of doctors with humanitarian attitudes and professional expertise fought against all odds to bring a critical patient back from the jaws of death. After a crucial surgery at midnight of July 22, the patient with ectopic pregnancy having surprisingly low hemoglobin level following profuse hemorrhage is now reportedly out of danger.
Family members of the patient Mahosina Bibi, 28 believe that when they gave up all hopes of her survival, it was the relentless effort of the team of three doctors that saved her. Members of the medical team – Dr Jaydeb Mandal, Dr Arnab Sarkar and Dr Ramjiban Chanda however stayed humble even after the achievement and thanked the cooperation of the junior doctors who supported the entire operation.
It is learnt from MMCH sources that the housewife from Shripur village of Chanchal sub division was referred to MMCH from Chanchal sub divisional hospital.
The patient reached our institution around 11.30 pm. It was feared that she suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. She was under severe shock when she was first checked here. Peritoneal tapping revealed that huge quantity of blood was accumulated in her abdomen. An emergency surgery was the only option. Immediately, three doctors started the operation. They were assisted by Dr Nayna Das and other junior doctors,” said Dr Amit Dawn, medical super cum vice principal of MMCH.
“It took nearly three hours to complete the surgery. She had hemoperitoneum with left sided cornual rupture because of ectopic pregnancy. Large quantity of blood was found in her abdomen. Hemoglobin level was running quite low. It was around four only. The suitable surgery saved her from such a crucial condition,” Dr Dawn added.
Siraj Ali, husband of the patient said, “Seeing my fainted wife, we were out of hopes. But the doctors acted as angels. It was virtually impossible to arrange blood at midnight. But with the young doctors’ initiative, we got two units of blood at the odd hours.”
Dr Pratip Kundu, principal of MMCH said, “Sometimes negative criticisms are made about our hospital. But the truth is team of our doctors and junior doctors are dedicated to the wellbeing of the patients. They fight till the last to ensure survival of even critically ill patients.”