MMCH: Grads, PGs, Researchers in race for contractual 4th grade employee post

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9 Jul 2017

Neither the grade nor the uncertain durability could prevent the graduates with honours, postgraduates and even some researchers from applying for the only group D vacancy on contractual basis mostly for the autopsy unit of Malda Medical College & Hospital (MMCH). They officials of MMCH jumped out of their skin seeing so many over qualified candidates for the said post.
Sources in MMCH informed that an advertisement for appointing a fourth grade employee on contractual basis was published few days back. The last date of application was July 7. After the applications were opened, the MMCH officials were jaw-dropped seeing qualifications of some of the candidates.
“Our eyes were wide open seeing that even some postgraduates and research scholars have applied the post for the contractual group – D employee to work mainly for our autopsy unit. But those applications cannot be turned down. We have informed the principal of MMCH,” said a senior official of MMCH. “I wonder what extent of unemployment and insecurity has instigated such merits to apply for such a job with no prospect of growth,” he said.
Dr Pratip Kundu, MMCH principal conceded that he was informed some over-qualified candidates had applied for the post. “After the applications were sorted I came to know about it. We would consult the senior officials of state health department in this regard,” Dr Kundu said.
A five-member committee headed by Dr. Pradip Pal has been constituted for the recruitment as learnt from sources. But after such embarrassing revelations, the committee members are not sure how they would choose the right candidate.
According to sources in the state health department, similar problem was faced by Sagar Dutta Medical College authorities. They too sought opinion from Swathya Bhawan. But no remedy came in the last six months.