MMCH gynecologists bring woman with rare reproductive deformity back to normalcy

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16 Oct 2017

A menacing physiological disorder that deterred a 21-year woman from entering into a normal life was healed by a crucial surgery by a team of eight doctors working with Malda medical college & hospital (MMCH). The rare surgery conducted in a state government run medical college & hospital would prove to be reassuring for common people said the MMCH authorities. The woman, who is still under post-operative care, would soon be released as learnt from MMCH sources.
According to sources, the woman from Chandipur village under Ratua I block could not even continue her studies after she completed her primary education owing to formidable abdominal pain. “It was such a horrific experience for her that sometimes my daughter gave up all hopes of a normal life,” said her father, a peasant by occupation.
Dr Malay Sarkar, the head of the medical board comprising Dr Jaydeb Mandal, Dr Rajmohan Ghosh, Dr Dibyendu Roy, Dr Nayna Das, Dr Arnab Sarkar and Dr Mohammed Farooq said, “The woman was brought to us with the complaint of severe abdominal pain. As the case seemed to be a different one, we constituted a medical board and indulged in examining her in all possible ways.”
“It was found that her cervical canal was blocked. Therefore the menstrual blood could not be let out by her body. This was the precise cause of her prolonged abdominal pain. It is a rare case as one in one and a half lakh women suffer from such a deformity. This would have deterred her from conceiving. Our task was to reconstruct the cervical canal. We have used fellis catheter so that her menstrual blood can come out of the body henceforth,” Dr Sarkar, a senior teacher of gynecology and obstetrics department of MMCH said.
Dr Amit Daw, medical super cum vice principal of MMCH said that the operation lasted for three and a half hours and was successful. “Such an operation was not held in MMCH before. The operation is not very common,” Dr Daw said.
“Now, the woman would be able to lead a normal life. She can conceive to be a mother also,” the doctor said.
Naturally the successful operation has not only brought smiles back to the face of the woman’s parents, the financially backward couple expressed their indebtedness to the doctors also who made the impossible possible.
“When she stepped into her teenage, my daughter started complaining to writhing pain. We knocked doors of several doctors but nothing cured her. We even went to Katihar in Bihar following advice of some of our relatives but the problem remained unaddressed. Now, I believe despite all apparent criticisms, people can get such life-restoring treatments in government hospitals also,” the relieved father said.