MMCH: Junior doctors question injured physician’s qualification

Principal suspends the house-staff
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12 Jul 2017

Amid ongoing hullabaloo for last 48 hours Malda medical college & hospital (MMCH) following scuffle between a senior house-staff and a section of junior doctors, authorities suspended Dr Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman, the house-staff today, after the four-member enquiry committee submitted its report within 24 hours.
The relatives of Dr Akhtaruzzaman met MMCH principal Dr Pratip Kundu and medical super cum vice principal (MSVP) Dr Amit Dawn urging him to take strong action against some junior doctors who had allegedly manhandled the house-staff. He is now under treatment and has lodged a written complaint against three junior doctors and another house-staff.
A delegation of junior doctors too met the principal and the MSVP alleging that Dr Akhtaruzzaman accompanied by his driver had injured three junior doctors trespassing into their quarters. They further alleged that the accused house-staff, with his degree from Russia, misled the patients as he is no more than an MBBS in Indian standard but claimed himself to be an MD in medicine.
It may be mentioned that a scuffle broke out between Dr Akhtaruzzaman, the house-staff and some junior doctors on Monday after some medicines prescribed to a patient by the house-staff were altered by the junior doctors. The house-staff alleged that some junior doctors roughed him up when he had protested against alterations in prescription.
Dr Dipanjan Mandal, Dr Sudip Bhar and Dr Amlan Bhattacharya – three junior doctors displaying their injuries alleged they were assaulted by the house-staff.
As complaints were lodged by both ends, MMCH authorities constituted a four-member committee yesterday seeking a report within 48 hours.
Dr Pratip Kundu, MMCH principal said, “On the basis of the report of the enquiry committee, Dr Akhtaruzzaman has been suspended till further order. He should not have entered the hostel of junior doctors without prior permission from authority.”
“Moreover, a house-staff cannot work for more than two years in an institution. But Dr Akhtaruzzaman has been working for nearly four years. Hence, he is asked to discontinue working here,” he added.