'Pink' Malda raises voice over atrocities against women and girls

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17 Dec 2017

While the world went orange at the initiative of United Nations-Women wing (UN Women) holding extensive campaign against violence against women and girls for last three weeks, #raiseyourvoice members painted the town with pink today to colour the campaign in their distinguishing style.  
A rally that traversed along the main streets in English Bazaar became the cynosure of the evening as the participants clad in pink urged the co-citizens and onlookers to embrace the colour of friendship. Pink balloons, pink placards and pink sky-lanterns were used in abundance by the organizers to celebrate the culmination day of three-week campaign against women and girls from all walks of the society.
“We have been actively fighting against deprivation of women and girls and tortures upon them for last few months. Thankfully enough, the initiative which was pretty small at the commencement soon started earning active supports from the sensible citizens,” said Chirashree Dasgupta, a college teacher and #raiseyourvoice activist.
“We contacted the India office of UN_Women in Delhi through twitter and communicated our plan to be part of the worldwide campaign on violence against women and girls. Their official colour is orange but we deliberately chose ours to be pink that signifies friendship and feminism. The colours are different but the motto is the same,” Dasgupta informed.
Saturday rally was altogether different from everyday’s political rallies mostly causing traffic-congestion at busy hours and thereby invoking annoyance and disgust in common people. It was less of a rally and more of a campaign in a style that the ‘mango-people’ love to appreciate. The pink posters and banners and the live music band raising strong demands in pinkish style generated curiosity in the traffic-personnel also who were seen asking participants the purpose and appreciating the effort after knowing about it.
Aritra Saha, another youth #raiseyourvoice activist said, “Altogether it’s a unique experience. Those are the real men who raise their voice demanding elimination of injustices towards women and girls. We feel privileged to be the part of the pink rally.” The rally started from Foara more and ended at Rabindra Avenue where there were celebrations of the pink day with the vows of eradicating violence against women and girls getting above the gender-bias.