Police offer mobile phones to tribal leaders for faster communication through WhatsApp

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23 Aug 2018

Bringing the tribal community closer state government is now taking help of social communication media. As a part of the outreach programme leaders of tribal community were gifted with free mobile-phones by the superintendent of police Arnab Ghosh today.
Chuniram Murmu, a tribal leader said that the policy would be helpful for communicating different schemes of state government to community members. 50 leaders of the community would use the mobile phones for linking the community members with the government.
“We have been told that different schemes launched by state government and ways to avail benefit from those would be communicated to us through the mobile. At the same time  we would be passing the feedback of our community to the officials of the administration,” Murmu added.
It has been learnt from the officials that the tribal leaders would generate WhatsApp groups where common members of the community would be added. Different issues and suggestions delivered at the groups would be discussed and addressed, if necessary.
Along with Ghosh, officials of district civil and police administrations were present at the programme.
“The mobile phones would act like a bridge between us and the tribal community. We believe the issues concerned with tribal community would draw our attention easily when delivered and discussed in WhatsApp groups,” Ghosh said.