Posters in English Bazaar asking TMC to refrain from poll campaigning, BJP suspected

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4 May 2018

Some posters found with warning the Trinamool Congress candidates for rural polls and workers of the ruling party not to enter the village for poll campaign caused stirs at some areas of Amrity gram panchayet under English Bazaar police stations today. While local Trinamool leaders found instigation of BJP behind issuing those posters, the opposition party rubbished the allegation.
The warning written in red ink on whaite papers were found at different villages under polling booths 19, 20, 22, 23 and 24 of Amrity gram panchayet. “As a protest against corruption Trinamool would not be allowed to campaign here” is what those posters contained. Commoners of the locality are claimed to have issued those posters.
Amrity gram panchayet was won by Trinamool in 2013 rural-polls. Kalyan Mandal One of six zilla parishad winners on Trinamool symbol was elected from the locality. Mandal, who is now president of party’s rural unit in English Bazaar said, “It’s simply another form of BJP’s conspiracy. Their workers pasted those posters in night but didn’t dare to mention the party’s name and used locals’ disguise. BJP has done this out of scare of their imminent defeat.”
However, Mandal conceded that those posters caused some panic among the local workers of ruling party. “Some of our workers are afraid by the warning. They are confused too. We are going to inform the observer of state election commission in this regard. Our district leadership has been appraised also,” he said.
Notably, Mandal’s spouse Archana is contesting as a zilla parishad candidate on a Trinamool ticket here as the seat won by her husband last time is reserved for women this time.
Dulal Sarkar, district working president of Trinamool and vice chairman of English Bazaar civic body has also smelled BJP’s provocation behind issuing those posters. “State government has ensured unprecedented development at Amrity like all other areas of state. I anticipate that the posters were not made by common people. BJP might have instigated some locals raising baseless issue of corruption to divert people’s attention from development,” Sarkar said.
Bachchu Momin, a BJP candidate of Amrity gram panchayet, however, claims that BJP had nothing to do with those posters. “It’s the fury of the local residents against some of the local Trinamool leaders that prompted them to prohibit ruling party’s campaign at those areas,” he said.