Recovery of silver coins from under soil?

Unsupported claims perplex Harischandrapur police
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15 Feb 2017

Villages of Sultannagar gram panchayat under Harischandrapur police station went abuzz with recovery of two pots full of ancient silver coins while digging up soil for preparing hearth for cooking dishes for a marriage party at a house of Chhatrak village there. Local sources claimed that the pots were found around 6.30 am on Tuesday morning. Although police said that even a thorough enquiry overnight did not substantiate the unofficial information, the probe would continue.
It has been learnt from police sources that on Tuesday morning one Hussain Sheikh of Chhatrak village arranged a lunch party on occasion of his son Zamiul Sheikh’s marriage with Mahinoor Khatun of the neighbouring village. Locals claimed that while soil was being dug up for preparing clay hearths, those two pots reportedly full of silver coins were found under the soil.
Soon the information spread like fire to other villages and people rushed to Sheikh’s house to take a look at those coin-pots. Police were informed but none agreed to speak about the recovery to police.
According to some locals, before police arrived those silver coins were looted by the neighbours of Sheikh family and others. “Now, they are keeping mum over the issue. But it is true that the coins were recovered. Those who found the coins in persons told me,” said a local.
Jahir Sheikh, a member of Sultannagar gram panchayet sounded confused too. “I was told that two pots filled with coins were recovered from under soil at Hussain Sheikh’s house. But when I went to the spot, none could give me ant detailed or authentic information. Hussain Sheikh’s version is confusing as well,” he said.
Circle inspector of Harischandrapur Alok Mallik said, “Police went to the spot and the matter is still under probe. 25 persons including members of Sheikh family were questioned. But no substantive information could be had so far.”