RKM, Malda starts ground work of turning pig’s pastureland into sports ground after CM orders dist admin to handover ground

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3 Mar 2018

Ramakrishna Mission (RKM) has started planning of providing numerous sports facilities to students of its renowned school in the district and the budding sports talents after chief minister Mamata Banerjee directed Kaushik Bhattacharya, District Magistrate (DM), Malda to hand over a 5.5 acre almost abandoned ground adjacent to the RKM school. Bhattacharya along with Ashish Kundu, chairman of District Primary School Council (DPSC) and an alumnus of RKM run Vivekananda Vidyamandir (VVM), Malda inspected the ground and senior monastic members inspected the ground on Thursday.
Swami Tyagarupanandaji, secretary of RKM, Malda and Swami Suratmanandaji, headmaster of RKMVVM implored the CM during her visit to Malda on February 20 to get the ground which has long been used for keeping garbage-vehicles of local civic body. Lack of care turned the ground into pastureland for pigs too. On the other hand hundreds of students of the school were deprived of using the ground for their regular games and sports.
Considering substance in RKM’s appeal the chief minister immediately asked the DM, Malda to hand over the ground to internationally famous philanthropic organization so that it could be turned into paradise for students and sportsmen under RKM’s care and maintenance. It has been learnt from sources in the district administrations that the ground now belongs to sports department of state government.
Former Left Front government resolved to build a sports complex at the ground. But the decision was not turned into action thereafter. Meanwhile, a controversy cropped up when a multi-storied youth hostel was built on the ground few years back.
Subhasish Sarkar, former secretary of District Sports Association (DSA) organized a movement then against construction of youth hostel at the site for sports complex. He moved to court also. But his legal move did not deter the construction. But court directed that the ground would have to be utilized for games and sports only. “A sports complex was supposed to be built at the ground. According to the court’s order the ground should be exclusively used for games & sports,” Sarkar said. Kundu, DPSC chairman and a councilor of English Bazaar municipality said, “We are grateful to the Chief Minister because she took most wise decision by deciding to handover the ground to RKM in interest of sports and players. CM, as a visionary has rightly acted. The ground would now have proper reformation and maintenance.”
Swami Tyagarupanandaji said, “We want to upgrade the vast unattended ground for sports facilities of our students and players. We have plans to prepare arrangements for volleyball, basketball, athletics, shot-put, javelin throwing in addition to football and cricket. We are thankful to Mamata Banerjee for sanctioning our appeal.”
Bhattacharya after the inspection said, “Hon’nle CM asked me to make arrangements for handing over the ground to RKM, Malda. After the sports department returns the ground to land reforms department, the process of the lease would be complete promptly.” “We have asked the RKM authorities to plan as to how the ground can be best used for athletics and other games and sports,” he said.