Role-reversal for dist cop-chief

Malda College students get new teacher in Arnab Ghosh
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5 Sep 2017

When the nation observed the National Teachers' Day, the students of Malda College got a new teacher who in a different outfit explained a different curriculum to them today. Arnab Ghosh, SP, Malda emerged as a teacher today to interact with students of Malda College on different law and order issues with emphasis on cyber crime.
In his official uniform Ghosh arrived at Malda College and after a brief introduction to the teachers went straight to the class. The students were initially somewhat surprised to have chief of cops of the district on the chair of the teachers. But it did not take much long for them to welcome the SP, Malda and greet him warmly with plethora of questions.
Ghosh commenced his special class from 12 noon. Although it was scheduled for an hour, he had to extend the duration little more as questions from the students were innumerable and impossible to ignore.
While the SP was explaining recent rise in cyber crime and its different implications, the students noted down the suggestions and advices of their new teacher.
"It was a great experience indeed. We heard that he is a tough man. But in class he was like a very affectionate teacher," said Purabi Das, a student of the college.
Noor Fatehma Khatun too sounded delighted. "His teaching would help us to deal with cyber issues. He explained many a thing which we had no idea of," she said.
Abhijit Chakraborty, a student of humanities stream demanded that the cop officials should take more such classes. "Such initiatives have two-fold benefits. Firstly, it helps us to differentiate between the dos and don’ts and secondly the police could have an energetic student-brigade to maintain law and order in an easier way," he said.
The teacher appeared to be quite contended also. "It's nothing new. We interacted with students of different ages before as well. Nowadays they are exposed to cyber related activities so largely that it's our responsibility to make them responsible cyber-users," Ghosh said.
He conceded that it was indeed a very pleasing experience to have role-reversal - from a cop to a teacher. "I'm happy that the students responded so overwhelmingly. If necessary, such classes would continue," said the SP, Malda.