RTO punishes labourer seeking receipt for enrolment to seek state govt’s declared benefits

8 Jan 2018

An official of regional transport authority (RTA) was caught in a controversy after he allegedly punished a labourer physically when the latter reportedly sought receipt after submitting enrolment form issued by the state government to encourage labourers working within the state. Mohammed Motiur Rahaman was asked to hold his ears and sit up by the RTA official Tapan Mallick today. Rahaman was allegedly detained too and later rescued by ADM (general) R Vimla.
It may be mentioned that concerned with one after another deaths of migrant labourers in other states chief minister Mamata Banerejee declared that labourers would be offered 200 days of work instead of 100 days year. Those keen to open small businesses instead of working as labourer would be offered one-time monetary help of Rs 50000, the CM announced.
Accordingly thousands of labourers queued up near district administrative building to enroll themselves and anarchy began. Police personnel had to be deployed to restore discipline. It was then some of the labourers reportedly sought receipt after submitting enrolment forms.
It has been alleged by Rahaman that RTO Mallick took him to the office and asked him to sit up holding his ears. As the matter came to fore scribes rushed to RTO and Rahaman was sent to another room. Finally, ADM (general) intervened and Rahaman was released.
Although the officials including Mallick were reticent, Rahaman narrated his humiliation to the media personnel later. (EOIC)