At St. Xavier’s school guardians lock institution blaming management for uncertain future of unregistered students

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24 Sep 2018

Infuriated with uncertain future of students the guardians today closed St Xavier’s school, the oldest English medium school in the district. According to them the future of the school that was once one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the district seems to be bleak as the management members instead of playing a positive role to resolve the crisis were busy hiding their face.
It may be mentioned that although the last date for registration with ICSE board is over, nearly a hundred students of class IX are still reeling under uncertainty as the ICSE officials refused to get them registered citing several anomalies on the part of the management.
Another hundred students of class X, who are to take their first board examinations in next six months are facing similar crisis. They did not receive the original registration certificate even now.
Muktipada Jha, Shampa Ghosh and other guardians alleged that the school authority kept them in dark by offering lame excuses time and again. “They offered us false assurances and even now when the students’ future is unsafe, the secretary of the school has been buying time,” Ghosh said.
It may be mentioned that Debapriya Saha, a contractor and Trinamool Congress activist has been retaining the post of the secretary since long.
The guardians alleged that Saha was occupying the key post of the school management undemocratically although his wards were no more students of the school.
According to the guardians, the school is run by a society the members of which are elected by the guardians for a term of three years. “Saha showed no interest in holding election and kept the key post with him for long. We want his immediate removal,” Ghosh said.
The guardians further alleged that the school did not have a permanent principal also. “A senior teacher has been acting as the teacher-in-charge. The ICSE officials made a serious note of all such anomalies and asked the school authorities to regularize those. Saha and the TIC made no effort to pursue the board’s observations,” a guardian said.
They said that the school would be under lock and key until the crisis was not over.
Saha, on the other hand, still claimed that the problem would be solved soon. “ICSE officials never said that the students would not be registered. We have sent representatives to New Delhi to speak to ICSE officials and resolve the matter,” he said. He claimed that normalcy would be restored in school from tomorrow.
However, the irate guardians are still bent on solving the crisis before reopening the school.