State govt keen to resume flight services from Malda and south Dinajpur

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9 Feb 2017

The state government is keen rejuvenate two aerodromes in North Bengal so that small flight services can be resumed shortly. Principal secretary of state transport department Alapan Banerjee took stock of Malda aerodrome today. He said that the state government with the approval of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) has decided to develop the infrastructures of aerodromes in Malda and south Dinajpur.
Banerjee arrived at Malda by helicopter around 11.30 am today and inspected the aerodrome. “We have already spoken to AAI. The state government would develop the infrastructures of the aerodromes in Malda and south Dinajpur. The infrastructure for the aerodrome in south Dinajpur is almost complete. Now, we are taking up the aerodrome in Malda,” he said.
“Detailed project report for infrastructural development of Malda aerodrome is being prepared. The aerodrome would be prepared for the use of small flights comprising nine, 19 and 42 seats. But finally resumption of regular flight services from such small aerodromes depends on the interest and demands of different agencies. We are taking up all these issues into consideration,” Banerjee said.
He informed that the state government’s objective was to keep all the small aerodromes in different districts in usable condition for smaller flight services.
Banerjee also held a meeting at the district administrative headquarters to discuss direct paddy procurement from the farmers. The state government’s target is to purchase 2.56 lakh metric ton paddy directly from the farmers. “We are trying to solve problems in directly purchasing paddy from the farmers,” the principal secretary of state transport department said.