Trinamool wins two GPs, six panchayet samity seats uncontested in Malda

9 Apr 2018

Trinamool Congress bags all setas two gram panchayets and six seats of panchayet samity in Kaliachak I block of the district uncontested on the concluding day of nomination for the three-tire rural rolls. While Congress has cried foul over the uncontested victory of the ruling party, Trinamool district leaders claimed that opposition parties could not field any candidate for those seats owing to their fragile organizations.
All 14 seats of Mojampur gram panchayet and 23 seats of Naoda Jadupur gram panchayet were won by Trinamool today as no other candidate except ones fielded by Trinamool submitted nominations. Similarly, six out of 14 seats in Kaliachak I panchayet samity from those two gram panchayets were won uncontested by Trinamool too.
Samijuddin Ahmed, vice president of Kaliachak I block Trinamool committee said, “Unprecedented development at those gram panchayet areas reflected in Trinamool’s uncontested victory. Neither Congress nor CPM did anything for the people of Mojampur and Naoda Jadupur. On the contrary, chief minister Mamata Banerjee has ensured all-round development in Kaliachak. So, the party has reaped the harvest of development.”
However, Isha Khan Choudhury, Congress MLA from Sujapur alleged that Trinamool deterred the opposition parties from filing nomination in those seats by creating an environment of scare. “We knocked the door of the state election commission and police administrations informing them how our candidates and workers were being threatened with dire consequences in case they had filed nominations. But no action was taken from any end and democracy was defeated,” Khan Choudhury said.
CPM district secretary Ambar Mitra too endorsed the Congress MLA’s allegations.
Moazzem Hossain, district Trinamool president rubbished allegations of Congress and CPM. “Instead of indulging in blame-game Congress and CPM would concentrate into strengthening their organizations. They didn’t find any candidate because of their organizational lapses. We can’t help them in finding contestants,” Hossain said. (EOIC)