Youth’s dream of working with merchant navy reels under uncertainty after documents theft

27 Jul 2018

Lapses in security of railway passengers came to the fore again as a youth from Bihar who is set to join merchant navy shortly landed on trouble having lost his crucial papers in a theft while journeying by Up Katihar express today.
Chandrahas Kumar, the helpless youth from Jumari village under Raghavpur police station in Supol district of Bihar lodged a written complaint with government railway police (GRP) after the train reaches Malda town station today.
Kumar said, “I went to Kolkata for a medical test as I am supposed to join my new job in merchant navy very shortly. I boarded the second class reserved sleeper coach of Katihar express at Howrah station last night. The crucial document of my job bearing the number COC 95/Z/25091 was kept in a bag along with other valuables. I slept and got up to my dismay as the bag went missing.”
The youth was at a loss as the important document related to his proposed job went missing. “I am reeling under uncertainty. It was an essential paper. I do not know whether I shall be allowed to join without the paper,” Kumar said. He apprehended that the loss of paper might deter him from moving out of the country as demanded by his job.
It may be mentioned that Ratua MLA Samar Mukherjee fell a victim of theft before while travelling by Up Gour Express.
A councilor of English Bazaar municipality Narendranath Tiwary, who is also a member of railway consultative committee said, “Passengers are often being robbed of but the railway authorities are paying no heed to such crimes.” According to sources in the GRP, the matter is being looked into. (EOIPC)