Dasmunsi’s cremation: Emotional reunion of followers erases Cong-TMC differences

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22 Nov 2017

He showered affection upon Mamata Banerjee despite political differences till he suffered severe illness that choked his voice. And even after 24 hours of his cremation political legend, late Priyaranjan Dasmunsi keeps gluing Congress and Trinamool Congress subsiding the fight between two parties in the state.
Although political commentators are busy finding political implication of the get-together of Congress and Trinamool leaders post Dasmunsi’s demise, Deepa Dasmunsi construes it as reverence to her departed soul-mate who ‘rose above political boundaries.’
During his lifetime Dasmunsi played a key-role in bringing Congress and Trinamool on a single platform against CPM. The devout Congress-man always maintained a cordial relationship with Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee unlike the present state Congress leaders who are now pointing guns at Trinamool on one occasion or the other.
Chief minister Mamata Banerjee also did not leave only plaintive notes after Dasmunsi’s death. She declared a half-day leave for the state government employees, ordered gun-salute to Dasmunsi and deputed a number of senior ministers to the Congress veteran’s cremation on Tuesday night.
Comprehending the party supremo’s genuine reverence to their ‘political and personal mentor,’ Trinamool leaders, who were reared up by Priya Da’s indulgences, made no delay to rush to Kaliaganj for paying their last homage to Dasmunsi.
State cabinet minister Subrata Mukherjee made no attempt to hide intensity of his bereavement at Priyarajan’s death. “Whatever I’m now is completely his credit. None other than Priya Da could have made a full-time politician. There were times when we two were in two different parties but I could never detach myself from him personally. I’m ever indebted to him,” Mukherjee said in cremation ground looking intently at the pyre with eyes full of tears.
Sandip Biswas, chairman of Trinamool run Raiganj civic body too accepted Dasmunsi who had helped the young student-leader grow politically with all his advices. Biswas left no dearth of arrangement at the cremation ground where the mortal remains of his mentor was put to rest last night.
Amal Acharya, Trinamool district president of North Dinajpur and an MLA wept so profusely that he could not even verbally communicate his grief at Dasmunsi’s death.
Those leaders and many others of Trinamool accepted that their relationship with Priya Da was ardently personal. Most of them became Dasmunsi’s family-members in a broader sense.
Deepa said, “Priyaranjan Dasmunsi elevated to the level of statesman from a politician. The reverence paid to him by people irrespective of political faith was actually what a personality of his stature deserves. He was a mentor, a guardian, an explorer of talents. Hence, there is such abundance of reverence.”
Political experts, however, believe that even after his demise Dasmunsi may play a key-role in rejuvenating political union between Congress and Trinamool Congress which the AICC would be happy to approve to check BJP’s apparent growth in West Bengal.