IR reaches new heights in passenger business front last FY

10 Apr 2017

During the last financial year that ended on 31st March, 2017; Indian Railway has carried 8221 Million Passenger as against 8151 Million passengers in 2015-16. Passengers booked about 70 million more than last year. (+0.89 %), Passenger Earnings estimated at Rs. 2,000 crore more than last year.
The total earnings are estimated to be around Rs. 47, 400 crore. This is the highest ever passenger earnings as per railway sources. It is the first time in recent year negative growth has been seized and increase in the number of passenger and Earning started
New Services: IR implemented 87 new services, 51 extensions of trains and 5 increases in frequency. This includes 4 Humsafar express trains, 2 Antyodaya trains, 10 DEMU and 5 MEMU trains.
Augmentation:  IR attached 586 coaches in regular trains, generating an additional capacity of 43,420 berths
Special trains: About 31, 438 trips special trains run.
Stoppages: 293 stoppages provided
Speeding up of trains: 350 trains speeded up.104 trains converted to superfast express trains.
New rakes: 34 pairs of trains replaced with LHB rakes by utilizing 42 LHB rakes. Ticket checking cases recorded 9.75 lakh more than last year which is 6% higher over last year.
Ticket checking earnings recorded at Rs 58 crore more than last year. Total earnings from ticket checking is estimated to be Rs 950 crore. This is the highest ever, according to railway sources. (EOIC)